Riding Lessons


Due to the high demand of lessons spaces…Las Trampas Stables believes that this basic knowledge is essential to ensure the complete understanding and safety necessary prior to mounting a horse. We only have a few lessons spaces available at this time (please call for times/day)

Tiny-Tots (Ages 5 – 8)
This class provides your child with a unique hands-on learning experience, in a friendly, comfortable small group environment. Parents may need tol work closely with their children to build eye-hand coordination, balance, self-confidence, patience and trust through various exercises lead by the instructor. Each class consists of 3 sessions and is one hour in duration. Tiny-Tots lesson begin the first week of each month. Costs: $125 per person for 3 classes
Basic Horsemanship (ages 8 and up)
Basic Horsemanship is for riders who would like to learn about the world of horses. Students will be taught in a small group setting. Each class focuses on the fundamentals of horsemanship, including the psychology of the horse, horse care and ownership, tack, equipment and riding techniques Students continue where they left off until they master the necessary skills. This class consists of 3 sessions, each ninety minutes in duration. Costs: $150 per person for 3 classes
Gymkhana Practice
This course is designed to practice the gymkhana games.Gymkhana is timed competitive western events. You will learn how to perform the various events such as; keyhole racing, figure 8 racing, cloverleaf barrel racing, quadrangle stake races, pole bending races, hurry/scurry races, rescue races and speed barrels. Each course is two hours in duration. Fridays 4:00 pm Costs: $50 each lesson
Take A Break Horsemanship (Adults only)
This course provides you with a combination of Basic Horsemanship, Gymkhana and Trail Riding courses. Each course consists of 3 classes and is ninety minutes in duration. Wednesdays or Fridays 10:30 am Costs: $150 per person for 3 classes or $50 each lesson
Trail Riding (ages 5 and up)
Western Trail Riding Services provides trail rides at Sunol Regional Park as well as Las Trampas Regional Park. Call 925-862-9044 or visit www.westerntrailriding.com for more information.

These are approximate prices, please contact us for current prices!

Bernard F.
April 24, 2012
Their primary concern is the safety of their customers

I have been taking lessons from Cindi for 2 years & gone on numerous trail rides with her & Gary during that time. Their primary concern is the safety of their customers; closely followed by the welfare of their horses. Adhering to these goals ensures an enjoyable ride & fruitful instruction.

Coming to horseback riding relatively late in life (I was 65) & standing 6'5"
(& 230 lbs), I present an interesting challenge for an outfitter & instructor.
Not only do they have horses (& tack) that can handle my size & tolerate my inexperience, but Cindi's training philosophy & teaching style coupled with her intimate knowledge of her horses' quirks & personalities make me feel safe & secure as I ride along the path towards becoming a true horseman.

The trail riding side of the operation is equally impressive. From the moment one steps into the staging area there is no doubt about who is in charge. Both Gary & Cindi are clear & direct about  information & instruction regarding managing the horses & the trails. Most important, perhaps, for the customers' peace of mind, is that neither Gary nor Cindi are more than a horse length away from the group at any time. (Something I can't say for other outfitters I've ridden with.)

Finally, I must say that I've never had a problem scheduling lessons or rides. If any changes needed to be made, we were able to make them to everyone's satisfaction.

I would whole heartedly recommend Las Trampas to adults wishing to learn western trail riding & who want to experience the beautiful east bay hills.
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