The students all learned the basics of riding

Sandy B.
March 17, 2015
The students all learned the basics of riding

Cindy did a Ranch Hands Class for our combined Boy Scout/Venture Scout crew.  We are going on a 7 day trail ride at Philmont in New Mexico this summer and needed some training ahead.  This class was perfect.  She started with history of the horse, parts of the horse, saddle and bridle.  After the class we went to the barn and the students learned how to approach, halter, lead, tie, groom, saddle and bridle their horse (2 students per horse).  

After a nice lunch break at their picnic area, the students all learned the basics of riding.  We had kids that were experienced and 2 that had never touched a horse before.  

All 6 students were cantering by the end of the session!

This is a testament to their amazing horses.  We loved Apache, Lacy and Prince.  I highly recommend this class fro anyone that wants a beginners look at what horses and riding are all about!