I have to also say a word about the community at Las Trampas

Elizabeth M.
June 22, 0012
I have to also say a word about the community at Las Trampas
I have never taken horseback riding lessons until 6 months ago.

Now I am hooked because I have learned more about myself and about life by working with Cindy & her horses that any other experience I have had (and I have had a lot of experiences).  My time at Las Trampas has inspired me to “get-past-myself” and look for ways to build with what I cannot change.  What a great way to live!  

Cindy at Las Trampas Stables is a great instructor.  Her love of horses and riding are evident.  She began with the basics,  making sure I understand how a horse thinks & responds, with safety as a top priority.  I have hearing loss (wear 2 hearing aids) and Cindy noticed this the first day.  She made sure I could hear and encouraged me to ask questions.  I hate making mistakes (as I learn) and Cindy’s good-natured style and encouragement creates an environment where I can learn.  I cannot tell you how important those qualities are to my developing horse-woman-ship.  

My husband & I (at this stage) combine lessons with trail-rides in the Sunol Wilderness (Wrangler is Cindy’s husband: Gary).  Its great to practice what we learn out in the regional park!  

I have to also say a word about the community at Las Trampas.  

The folks who teach, board their horses and visit the stables have all been encouraging and welcoming.  I love that there are kids around taking lessons or “dragging” their parents to see the horses.   Its so refreshing to exit the City and enter the Country with the easy-does-it humor that is just part of the Las Trampas culture.  

Cindy, Gary and the whole Las Trampas team are one of the reasons I have resisted a job transfer.  My work with them is hugely valuable to me.  I’ll stay put for now!