Birthday party

Leslie O.
October 20, 2013
Birthday party

We love this place! I can’t say enough good things about Cindy and Las Trampas Stables.

My 8 year old daughter had her birthday party there today, and it was a fantastic experience. She and her 10 year old sister attended summer horse camp for a week at Las Trampas last summer — she loved it so much, it was the only thing she wanted to do for her birthday since July. And Cindy put on a great party! All 8 girls had a blast – they learned about horses, had a wonderful lesson in the arena, enjoyed meeting the other animals, and loved the party room activities. Cindy had a super cool cake (it was tasty; not sure where it came from, but it definitely wasn’t a grody Costco cake) and generous horse-themed goody bags and book for each girl. She even had a surprise pinata! She seemed really invested in making sure the party was a success and that our birthday girl had a great time.

Summer horse camp was awesome, too. The girls can’t wait to go back this summer – they talk about it constantly.

Some reviewers have complained about Cindy’s attitude. She can be gruff with adults — like, how would I know balloons spook horses? But, that’s cool. I don’t know about horses, and I do need to be told. And it doesn’t matter. Cindy is wonderful with the kids, puts their safety first and horse education second. She obviously cares very much about her animals, too, and is very careful about their care. It’s an awesome combo. She’s firm and straightforward with the kids, makes sure they understand what they should do on and with their horses, and builds them up while doing it.

My only problem is that now my kids are begging for horses of their own.